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Q: When do we cosult a fertility specialist?

Not being able to conceive after 12 months of regular unprotected intercourse.if u are more than 35yrs this time limit is reduced to 6months.

Q: What are basic investigations we should do to know the cause of infertility?

Semen analysis preferably after 3 days of abstinence. Baseline scan during period to know uterus and ovaries and to count no of antral follicles. D2/3..fsh to know ovarian reserve. Tsh and prolactin if cycle is irregular or suspecting ovulatory disorder. Hsg(d8-10)..to know tubal patency.

Q: Does smoking affect my sperm parameter?

Yes smoking reduces spermatogenesis,sperm motility and quality also.

Q: What is fertile period?

In a regular 28-30days cycle. 12th to 22nd day is considered as fertile period.

Q: When ivf is needed?

Blocked fallopian tubes or damaged fallopian tubes. If your partner has low sperm count and poor motility. If you have ovulation problem not responding to ovulatory drugs. Prolonged unexplained infertility. Repeated failed iui. Cessation of menstruation. Preamature ovarian failure. Advanced age.

Q: Myth: Ivf is for rich people only

Fact: Cost of ivf has reduced for years due to decreased cost of medicines. Increased no of fertility centres.

Myth: Babies born out of ivf are abnormal

Fact: Not true always. Till date few million babies are born out of ivf..but study does not reveal so.

Myth: Ivf treatment requires admission in hospital

Fact: All ivf treatments are on day care basis..usualy doesnot require overnight stay.